1Calibration according to ISO / IEC Guide 17025: 2005 and the Vocabulary of International Metrology (VIM) is a series of activities that connect between the values shown in the instrument or measurement system of values ​​represented by the measuring instrument with the values ​​that are already known, which is related to the amount of the measured under certain conditions.

        Objective Calibration

            • To get the correct measurement
            • Obtain standard measurement accuracy or better
            • The results are calibrated measurement tool capable traced or compared with the results of the measurement tool of National and International Standards

       Benefits calibration

  • By calibrating it can be seen how far the difference (deviation) between the values ​​that are considered true (accuracy) with the values ​​shown by the measuring instrument.
  • To support the quality management system that is adequate for the industry in a variety of measuring devices owned.

Calibration interval

            • Calibration is performed periodically
            • calibration time period of maximum 6 months
            • If the tool is often used, it is recommended calibration time period is shortened

Methods and calibration standards

In performing the calibration, we use the equipment Calibration System Standards Survey (Collimator) traceable to International Units (SI).

The calibration method used is based on:

• ISO 17123-2, Level;

• ISO 17123-3 Theodolite;

• ISO 17123-5: 2012 Total Station and

• ISO 17123-6 Rotating Laser

Contained in the Working Procedures Repair and Calibration PT Exsol-Innovindo Service Center.

Repair and Calibration Center PT Exsol Innovindo supported by:

  • Technicians are trained and experienced with getting periodic technical training supervised by the manufacturer.
  • Completed Repair Manual (Repair Manual) from the manufacturer.
  • adequate equipment for repair and calibration standards, on the manufacturer’s recommendations such as: Collimator, Electro Distance Meter Tool, Oscilloscopes and other standard equipment needed to repair the survey tool.
  • Completed the latest Software and Firmware.
  • Availability original parts from the manufacturer.
  • Special to the latest instrument can already be equipped with TS Shield so that customers can:

• Download (download) data in the field.

• Monitor the effectiveness of the time of use (operational) instrument in the field.

• Monitor effektifitas time of use (operational) instrument in the field

• Knowing the displacement of the use of instruments in the field

• Instrument can send indication of problems that occur so that repairs can be prepared.

The services we provide, among others:Brosur ESIC2

• Calibration of survey: Level control, Theodolite, Total Station for all brands

• Improved light, medium and heavy for survey instruments TOPCON brand

• Update Firmware and Software Topcon survey equipment brands

• Claims Warranty (Warranty Claim) brand Topcon survey equipment.

Quality System

To improve customer satisfaction and ensure consistency in the quality of our work (product quality, cost, time and services), we have implemented work procedures set out in the Quality Procedures, Work Instructions, SOPs and checklists needed based on ISO 17025: 2005 ” General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories “.

The advantages we offer:

• Accuracy of calibration results

• Time calibration is fast and can be awaited (terms and conditions apply)

• Our workshop is an authorized repair center TOPCON.

(Topcon “Authorized Service Center”) which serves improvement survey tool.


After Sales Service (After Sales Service)

To realize the commitment and our responsibility as Sole Distributor of tools brand Topcon survey. PT Exsol-Innovindo has opened a Repair and Calibration Center located in.

PT. Exsol Innovindo Service Center

Shophouse PTC-Pulogadung Trade Center, Block 8A No. 55

Jl. Bekasi Raya KM 21-Cakung, Zip Code 13920

Phone / Fax: +6221 460 6484, SMS Center: 0813 2721 8000,


Explain that our Service Center has met quality standards. Here we publish an official certificate issued by KAN (National Accreditation Committee)

Sertifikat KAN