3D-MC Automatic Stakeless Grading

October 31, 2017 In 3D-MC Automatic Stakeless Grading

3Di-GPS+ Affordable GPS Indicate Control

3Di is a low cost indicate-only system ideal for bulk earthmoving machines such as dozers, scrapers and compactors. The color touch-screen control box displays where the machine is on the jobsite and cut or fill on the jobsite.

3Di-GPS   Features

- Simple, color coded “scrolling tape” cut/fill indicator provides instant grade info.

- On-grade dead band and scale adjusts to match job tolerances.

- Remote color selectable light bars for grade indication.

-  Multiple job views : plan, profile, cross sections


  •       Increase productivity significantly.
  •        Low initial investment-easy upgrade path to fully automatic GPS+ system.
  •        Easy to use software for all your operators.
  •        Less rework : material is moved only once
  •         Reduce staking on jobsite almost entirely

3D-GPS+ Automatic Grade Control System

3d-mc2  For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, Topcon’s 3D-       GPS+ will put more money to your bottom line-where it counts. With the reality of nearly eliminating grade stakes,   providing unmatched material control capability, and the simplest user interface in the industry, you are sure to   integrate Topcon 3D technology successfully into your business.




-          Rugged color touch-screen control box displays blade position and distance to design

-          Real-time cut/fill move material only once

-          Backwards compatible with existing Topcon MC systems

-          Enter off-sets easily for cutting sub-grade


-          Increase grading productivity significantly

-          Reduce staking on jobsite almost entirely

-          Control materials to your advantage

-          Complete projects on time or ahead of schedule

3D-MC2 Twice The Speed, Twice The Accuracy For Dozers

3d-mc2 Operate a higher speeds with smoother results

 From its inception, Topcon’s GPS+GLONASS 3D-GPS+ technology has dramatically increased dozer productivity due   to it’s positioning accuracy, maximum up-time, and the ability to allow multiple machines to work from a single base   station. Now Topcon’s 3D-MC2 takes 3D-GPS+ machine control to a whole new level making your dozer a high-speed   finishing tool!


How it works

3D-MC2 combines Topcon’s GX-60 control box, GPS+antenna & MC-R3 receiver and innovative new inertial sensor and pairs them with advanced new controlling software to provide an overall system 10 times more responsive than previous 3D control dozers. This new configuration measures the X,Y,Z position as well as the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration of the dozer to provide the most stable and responsive control system possible.

The Topcon 3D-MC2 advantage

Fine grading with a dozer has been typically done in first gear. Not anymore. Now you can move more material at higher speeds and at a tighter accuracy with one machine. That’s the Topcon advantage.

A New Dimension of Precision and Productivity

millimeter gps Millimeter GPS+ transform GPS into the perfect tool for blue-topping and other fine tolerance work. With Millimater   GPS+, the days of lost productivity, using stringlines or running manually off of hubs, are over.

  Millimeter GPS+ combines the advantages of laser (multi-user & high vertical accuracy) with GPS (multi-user & 3D)   into one versatile and easy to use system. This patented technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% over     existing 3D-GPS machine systems.



-          Patented technology combines advantages of laser and GPS

-          Large working range : up to 8000’ horizontal & 136’ vertical

-          Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems

-          Control multiple machines and rovers at the same time

-          Very user friendly

For use on :

-          Motor Graders, Dozers, Dirt Trimmers, Milling Machines, Asphalt Pavers


-          Up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS

-          Increased productivity-fewer passes needed to reach finish grade

-          Lower investment-one system works for rough & finish grade

-          Grade to tighter tolerances and eliminate high-cost material overruns

-          Finish grade 24/7 even with minimal satellite coverage

Robotic Based Local Positioning Grade Automation

lps 9  GPS+ and MMGPS+ systems work extremely well when machines are capable of receiving GPS satellite signals, but      what happens when the jobsite does not have visibility to open sky? Working between buildings or in heavy tree       coverage can limit the performance of a 3D-GPS control machine. In these situations Topcon’s LPS-900 (Local         Positioning System) is the ideal system for guiding your machines.




-          Topcon XTRAC prism tracking technology

-          20 Hz update rate

-          Long range 2.4 Ghz interference free radio communications

-          GX-60 control box runs LPS, GPS and all 3D controls

-          Visual graphic on display for acquiring lost beam


-          Insures all your jobsites have 3D control 24/7

-          High accuracy for tight tolerance projects

-          Simple & fast conversion between LPS and GPS

-          Same robot used with Pocked 3D as layout/grade checking tool

For use on :

Dozers and Motor Graders

GPS+ Machine Control for excavators

It’s time to experience GPS+ grade control on an excavator. Whether working in deep cuts, under water or on steep slopes, the X63 system will eliminate over-excavation and costly material overruns.

x-63 Features

- Touch-screen control box displays real time bucket position

- Color coded Cut/Fill indicators for quick grade reference

- Operator selectable screen views : plan, profile, cross section and grade indicators

- X63 works in 3D and 2D mode-use in all jobsite applications

- Store up to six different bucket pre-sets

-  Constant visibility of bucket orientation


-          Eliminate over excavation and costly material overruns

-          Dramatically increase productivity

-          Improve crew safety

-          Components compatible with your other Topcon systems

-          Underwater & blind excavation no longer a problem

For use on :

-          Excavators and Trenchers

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