November 30, 2012 In Theodolites

The new DT-200L Series feature the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcon’s high-performance total station products, and they continue to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Topcon theodolites. All this, plus the addition of a laser diode that’s perfect for easy, one-person alignment jobs.

DT-200L Series Features:

  •     Long Battery Life
  •     Waterproof and Dustproof Digital Theodolites
  •     633nm diode laser that can
  •     be seen up to 50 meters away
  •     outside in daylight

Available in three affordable models delivering 5″, 7″, or 9″ angle accuracy, there is a DT-200L theodolite perfect for any job. They feature waterproof and dustproof construction that stands up to even the toughest conditions so you don’t have to worry about downtime due to inclement weather. All models are also compact and lightweight for easy portability; and their simple operation provides precise measurement in a functional, hassle-free package.

Length 152 mm
Objective lens 45 mm
Magnification 30x power
Field of view 1°30′
Resolving power 2.5 power
Minimum focus 1m cm
Stadia ratio 100
Stadia constant 0
Sighting collimator Double
Electronic Angle Measurement
Method Absolute Reading
Detecting 2 horizontal sides, 1 vertical sides
Minimum reading 1″/5″ arc seconds, 0.2mgon/1mgon mgon
Accuracy 5 arc seconds, 71mm Diameter Circle
Laser Pointer
 Method Focusing
 Wave length/Power 633nm/0.6mW
Display sides 2
LCD 7 segments
Data Output
Serial signal connector RS-232C
Tilt sensor Vertical
Compensating range ±3 ft
Optical Plummet Telescope
Magnification 3x power
Field of view 3° degrees
Level Sensitivity
Plate level 40°/2mm
Circular level 10°/2mm
Water Protection
Standard IP66 rating
Power Supply
Battery 4AA batteries
Operating time Alk.
Theodolite only 140 Hours
Laser only 80 Hours
Theodolite and laser 45 Hours
Operating Temp -20 to +50 degrees C

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