November 29, 2012 In GNSS/GIS Devices

Dual Frequency RTK GNSS Receiver and Field Controller

Topcon Positioning System’s GRS-1 (Geodetic Rover System) is the world’s first fully integrated dual constellation network enabled RTK rover system. It is an all-in-one handheld GNSS receiver and field controller with high-speed processor, increased memory, compass and optional built-in camera.

The GRS-1 was designed with two primary system goals: smaller size and weight, and lower cost. The new receiver has DGPS capability with internal L1 antenna for use in the GIS and navigation space, add the external antenna and connect to your local GNSS network via the internal modem, and instantly move to dual frequency, dual constellation GNSS centimeter RTK accuracy. The GRS-1 can also be used as a static post processed receiver system.

The GRS-1 also includes integrated SD memory card slot, optional internal GSM or CDMA modem, connectivity via Wireless LAN and Bluetooth® technology. Sunlight readable screen that is visible outdoors and displays Topcon application software such as MAGNET Field and Pocket-3D. The virtual keyboard provides on-screen keyboard for fast data entry. Running Windows Mobile® operating system, many job functions can be done in the field with the GRS-1 and internal cellular modem.


  •     GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) 72 channel RTK Satellite Receiver
  •     Internal GSM or CDMA Cellular Capability
  •     806MHz XScale Processor
  •     Windows Mobile® 6.1 Operating System
  •     2.0 Megapixel Camera (optional)
  •     256MB SDRAM, 1GB Flash
  •     Internal Magnetic Compass
  •     Built-in Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN connectivity
Number of Channels 72 GPS + Glonass L1/L2 tracking
CORS Beacon Yes with BR-1
DGPS Accuracy 50cm HRMS
L1, L2 Static Function H: RMS 3mm + 0.8ppm
V: RMS 4mm + 1.0ppm
Real time RTK Accuracy H: 10mm + 1.0ppm
V: 15mm + 1.0ppm
Onboard Software TopSURV
Office Software (post processing) Topcon Tools™, SurveyMaster
Microprocessor XScale PXA320
Processor Speed 806MHz
Operating System Windows® Mobile 6.1
Data Update/Output Rate 1Hz – 100Hz Selectable*
Memory 256MB SDRAM
1GB Flash
USB Mini Port
Card Slot SD
Cellular Capability Internal GSM or CDMA**
Input/Output Bluetooth®, USB, Serial, ANT, and Power
Wireless LAN Connectivity Standard (Internal, 802.11.b)
Magnetic Compass Internal, 4 degree accuracy
Expansion Connector Weatherproof Communication Port
Battery Life 5 hrs while in GPS static mode
Battery Type 2500mAh Removable, Li-Ion Rechargeable
Dimensions 7.76” x 3.54” x 1.81” (197 x 90 x 46mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs (0.7kg)
Display 3.7” VGA LCD
Built-in Camera 2.0 Megapixel
Keyboard 3 Key plus Virtual Keyboard
Waterproof IP66
Drop 1 meter
Operating Temperature -20° to 50°C
Operating with camera -10° to 50°C
Storage Temperature -30° to 60°C

*Data rates from 10 – 100hz and higher available as option
**GSM/CDMA available as factory options
† RMS Value unless otherwise specified. Accuracy will vary depending on the number of satellites used, obstructions, satellite geometry (PDOP), occupation time, multipath effects, and atmospheric conditions. Performance may be degraded in conditions with high Ionospheric activity, extreme multipath, or under dense foliage. For maximum system accuracy, always follow best practices for GNSS data collection.

GRS-1 Product Video

Download WMV (17,18 MB)



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