November 26, 2012 In GNSS/GIS Devices

Multi-Purpose GIS Mapping &
Navigation System
The Topcon GMS-110 system was designed to provide a rugged GIS Mapping system that incorporates all of the primary position correction services –Coast Guard Beacon, WAAS, EGNOS, and OmniSTAR®-VBS. Utilizing Topcon’s integrated system design and Bluetooth® wireless technology, the GMS-110 brings the versatility of a backpack GIS solution without the mess of a bunch of external cables and components.

GMS-110 features:
•    Sub-meter accuracy with real-time differential correction from OmniSTAR®-VBS and Navigation Beacons
•    Wireless connection to hand-held controller
•    WAAS and EGNOS ready
•    All-day battery
Choose the software to run with the GMS-110 to match your application and experience. Field Tools for ArcPad software combines the power of ESRI ArcPad field software with a Topcon Toolbar for the most useful GPS data collection capabilities. With Field Tools for ArcPad, ESRI users can execute field tasks using an interface that’s already familiar, minimizing the learning curve of using GPS in the field. Back in the office, there’s no need to convert field data to GIS compatible formats because all of your work was done in shapfile format- an industry standard. Alternatively, select TopSURV-GIS for a simple point, line, polygon and attribute data collection solution.
For a hand-held controller, select the FC-120 rugged Topcon hand-held field controller.

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