November 26, 2012 In Receiver

Radio Extension System
Spread Spectrum Range Extender

Topcon is pleased to announce the versatile RE-S1 1 watt radio extension system with field-proven, 915+ technology. The RE-S1 can be utilized as a stand-alone repeater to increase range between base and rover for the new GR-3 and compatible HiPer Lite+ systems. It can also be used as a transmit/receive external 915+ radio for any Topcon receiver such as the GB or Legacy series.

Features Include:
•    Increased operational range of new GR-3 and HiPer Lite+ systems
•    Radio compatibility to use Lite+ or GR-3 with GB-1000/500 base receivers
•    No FCC licensing required
•    Can be used as mobile repeater with optional car lighter adapter

Spread spectrum range can be greatly affected by obstructions such as buildings, terrain, trees, etc. By using the RE-S1 system as a repeater, local obstructions can be overcome and operational range increased.
All HiPer Lite+ products shipped since December 2005 have 915+ boards are compatible with the RE-S1. For systems that are older than December 2005 production, a radio board change must be made in order to be compatible. Please refer to DN568 for serial number information for HiPer Lite+ compatibility. Also, be advised that RE-S1 will not increase range beyond the system’s OAF limitation.

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