September 7, 2016 In Aerial Mapping

The Ultimate in Future Recognition and Mapping

IPS3 1-          Integrated, turnkey solution

-          Ultra-compact design

-          Multiple lasers minimize scanning shades

-          Unparalleled ease-of-use

-          No user calibration required

-          Full integration of cloud and images

The lightweight, compact IP-S3 HD1 offers a high-density point cloud with colorful image overlays.

ips3 3The IP-S3 HD1 bundles the longstanding experience of Topcon in mobile mapping system in small package. The system overcome the challenges of mapping 3D features at a high level of accuracy. Accurate vehicle positions are obtained using three technologies : A dual frequency GNSS receiver establishes a geospatial position; an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides vehicle attitude; and connection to the vehicle or external wheel encoder obtains odometry information. These are technologies work in tandem to sustain a highly accurate 3D position for the vehicle even locations where satellite signals can be blocked by obstructions such as buildings, bridges, or tree lines.

Use the powerful, all-in-one Mobile Master Field and Office software suite to collect and process geo-referenced LiDAR and/or digital imaging data into a colorful 3D representation which can be exported to third party software. Matching techniques and ground control functionality optimizes precision and absolute accuracy. Mobile Master software provides a simple interface for combining, viewing and working with your various sensor data collected from IP-S3 HD1.

The IP-S3 HD1 quickly provides high-accuracy data and dynamic imaging for any mapping project. The easily mounted vehicle system can map data at normal travel speeds for roadway surface condition assessments and roadsite feature inventories. Safety is increased by removing pedestrians from travel lanes. Other applications include pipelines, utilities, as-builts, construction progress monitoring and risk management.

High definition laser scanner

IPS3 2The high definition laser scanner included with the IP-S3 HD1 collects 700,000 points per-second at a range of 100 meters. The scanner has a 360° horizontal field of view and a 30° vertical field of view to increase data collection coverage and minimize laser shadowing. With those features, the system remains lightweight at under 18 kg making in the lightest and most compact high precision mobile mapping system available today.


High definition laser scanner

-        Capture high-resolution, high-density 3D point clouds

-    Project data into 3D global coordinates with accurate time stamps

-          Produce geo-referenced panoramas

Positioning component

-          Determine precise vehicle position and attitude

-          Integrated dual frequency GNSS receiver

-          Inertial Measurement Unit

-          Constantly monitor vehicle motion and attitude

Vehicle wheel encoder

-          Encoder further enhances accuracy and realibility

-          Detects rotation of the wheel

-          Only one wheel encoder required

Imaging Component

-          Panoramic 30 megapixel camera

-          Add-on additional imagery sensors for enhanced clarity.

IP-S3 HD1 Timing Unit
Size (wxdxh) 260x160x121 mm
Weight 3.0 kg
Input/Output ports Power supply, Ethernet, scanner, spherical camera, wheel encoder, IMU, GNSS antenna
Timing resolution 10 nsec
Sensor Unit
Size (wxdxh) 300x500x600 mm
Weight 18 kg
GNSS Receiver
Tracking 226 universal channels for reliable “all in view” dual-frequency L1/L2 code/carrier GPS and GLONASS tracking
Gyro bias stability 1°/hr
Acceleration bias stability 7.5 mg
Laser Scanner
Measurement rate 700,000 point/sec
Range 100 m at 100% reflectivity, 70 m typical
Calibration Topcon calibrated
Spherical Camera
Camera unit CCD camera (6 pcs.)
Max resolution 8000×4000 pixels
System Performance
Absolute coordinates accuracy
(1 sigma) 50 mm at 10 m
(1 sigma) 10 mm on road surface
Continous 8 hours
surveying time (approx 1 TB of data)
Environmental/Temperature Range
Operating 0°C to 45°C
Storage -30°C to 60°C
Input voltage 9V to 36V
Power 60W


















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