IP-S2 Mobile Mapping System

April 26, 2016 In Aerial Mapping

Add New Value to Your GIS Database with Geo-referenced 3D Video Images :

-          Integrates 3D video image with GIS database

-          Captures 360° video with positional information while driving

-          Camera vector technology assigns 3D coordinates to video images

-          Measurement can be taken on video screen

-          Generates 3D CG of roadside features

-          Overlay 3D CG on Video Image

-          Active Linkage with GIS Software

IP-S2 liteThe IP-S2 Lite captures video and spatial information while driving a vehicle. A series of S2 Lite software integrates the video imagery into GIS database. With one dick on digital map, you can view 360° video image that puts you at exact location. On a PC video screen, you can take measurements, inventory the assets, extract necessary information, or overlay 3D CG. Data collection is fast, easy, and safe. While driving a vehicle, the IP-S2 Lite captures 360° spherical video image along with all the necessary information such as geographical location, vehicle motion and attitude. Topcon IP-S2 Lite not only provides revolutionary data collection solution, but also enables you to add new value to your GIS products.


Camera Vector (CV) Technology

The CV-Technology assigns accurate 3D coordinates to every pixel in each video frame using camera vectors-vectors from the camera center. To calculate the camera vectors, three-dimensional camera positions and attitudes are determined by tracking the movements of multiple points in every frame. Utilizing a full scope of 360° spherical images that include points at a variety of elevations, the camera position and attitude can be accurately computed, maximizing precision of camera vectors.


IP-S2 Lite Sensor Unit

Three sensors-360° camera, GPS and IMU are integrated into a single block for easy mounting on a rooftop carrier of various vehicles. Digital camera captures spherical video image, GPS receiver collects geographical location, and IMU (inertial measurement unit) monitors vehicle attitude while assisting positioning where GPS signals can be blocked.

Simple Configuration

The simplified system configuration requires only one laptop PC and HDD (Esata connection) inside the car.

Portable, Easy Mounting System

A hard carrying case secures the sensor units for transportation and storage. The system can be quickly mounted on and dismounted from a vehicles as needed.


IP-S2 Lite Specifications

Integratred GPS Receiver
Number of Channels 40 channels
GPS L1 carrier, L1CA
Data Update/Output Rate 10 Hz
Integrated IMU
Type MEMS gyroscope
Gyro Bias 25°/h
Acceleration Bias 8.0mG
Data Update/Output Rate 100Hz
Input Voltage 10 to 18V DC
Keyboard FN1, FN2, Power
LED Power, GPS, Status
I/O ports Power Supply, USB, Ethernet, 360° Camera, GPS Antenna
Operating Temperature -30 to +60°C
Dust/Water Protection IP66
Dimensions 200x230x110mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 3.64 kg
360° Digital Camera
Configuration 6 CCD Image Sensors
Resolution 1600(H)x1200(V) Pixels
Operating Temperature 0 to +45°C
Recommended PC specification
OS2 Windows XP SP2 or later/Windows 7
CPU Intel CoreTM Duo 1.4Ghz or higher
RAM 2GB or larger
Graphics Card Graphics Card with an independent Graphic Chip Recommended NVDIA GeoForce GTS 250 or higher (Necessary for S2 Lite OrthoMaker) Supports OpenGL 1.2 or higher 256MB or larger video memory
Port e-SATAx1, USB x2, Ethernetx1 IEEE1394b x1 (or ExpressCard/34-slotx1)

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